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A level Grading System in Tanzania 2023

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A level Grading System in Tanzania (NECTA Form Six Grading System): The education system in Tanzania places a significant emphasis on cultivating individuals who possess a comprehensive knowledge within their chosen disciplines. One particular milestone in the educational journey of Tanzanian students is the Advanced Level, more commonly referred to as A-Level. This crucial level serves as a bridge between secondary education and higher learning in Tanzania, affording students the chance to specialize in subjects that align with their interests and pursue their desired career paths.

The A-Level grading system in Tanzania plays an important role in assessing students’ academic achievement and determining their suitability for higher education. It is important that students, parents, and educators understand this grading system as it serves as a guiding light to help students pursue their aspirations and find promising opportunities for a successful future.

Here, we will provide you with detailed information about A-Level marking system in Tanzania. Our goal is to explore its structure, importance, and impact on students. Whether you are a student who aspires to succeed academically, a parent looking for clarification of your child’s educational journey, or a teacher struggling to support your students, this guide will provide you with a thorough understanding of the A-Level grading system.

What Is A level Grading System in Tanzania

The A-Level grading system in Tanzania also know as NECTA Form Six Grading System plays a crucial role in the educational landscape of the country. Like grading systems around the world, it serves as a means for educators to assess students’ performance in form six national exams, employing standardized scales based on points.

A-level grading system usually consists of letter grades, such as A-F, Divisions I-IV or numerical ranges, such as 1-10. These letters and numbers are used to describe student achievement. In the past, marks and percentages were the main means of evaluating students in exams. However, according to the trend of global education, Tanzania, along with many other countries, has implemented this comprehensive system to accurately assess student performance.

With the use of this reliable grading system, Tanzania aims to offer students seeking A-Level education a fair and open evaluation framework that accurately assesses their knowledge and abilities, eventually directing them toward greater academic goals and prosperous jobs.

A-Level Grading System: Unveiling Form Six Assessment Framework in Tanzania

The Tanzania A level grading system is designed to provide a comprehensive and transparent assessment system that effectively assesses students’ academic performance when coming to NECTA form six examinations. With the help of this assessment system, students will be able to better manage their careers and make decisions about their future by evaluating the information and skills they have acquired during their A-Level studies.

A-level Grading Scale and Criteria

Tanzania’s A-Level grading system uses a standardized scale that distributes scores based on predefined criteria. This scale generally ranges from A to F, with A reflecting the highest level of performance and F indicating a failing grade. Every letter in the scale is assigned a number which used as weight when calculating the overall performance of students in all subjects. These numbers ranges from 1-7. The table below shows A-level scale used in grading.

Grade Score Grade Point Remarks
A 80-100 1 Excelent
B 70-79 2 Very Good
C 60-69 3 Good
D 50.59 4 Average
E 40-49 5 Satisfactory
S 35-39 6 Subsidiary
F 0-34 7 Fail

A-level Passing Grades Marks

Grades in the A-Level Grading System in Tanzania are awarded based on the Total Point Grading System or Division. For students who have completed a minimum of three special subjects in the form six (combination), they will receive Division I, II, III, IV or 0 based on the spectrum of total marks (points).

Grade Score Grade Point Remarks
I 7-17 3-9 Excellent
II 18-21 10-12 Very Good
III 22-25 13-17 Good
IV 26-33 18-19 Satisfactory
0 34-35 20-21 Fail

A level Grading System in Tanzania

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