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Matokeo ya Darasa la Saba 2023 NECTA Released: Check Your Scores Now!

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Matokeo ya Darasa la Saba 2023 Released: Check Your Scores

The wait is over for primary school graduates in Tanzania as the National Examination Council of Tanzania (NECTA) has today November 23 2023 release the results of the 2023 Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) popularly known as Matokeo ya Darasa la Saba 2023. The results were announced today by the Executive Secretary of NECTA, Dr. Said Mohammed.

A total of 1,092,960 candidates, representing 80.58% of the 1,356,296 candidates who registered for the exam, have passed. This marks a 0.96% increase in the pass rate compared to 2022.

According to Dr. Mohammed, 360 students who faced health challenges and were unable to complete all their exams or a significant number of subjects will be granted the opportunity to retake their coursework in 2024. Additionally, the results of 31 students have been invalidated due to substantiated instances of academic dishonesty.

All Parents, guardians, students, and all stakeholders can now check Matokeo ya Darasa la Saba 2023 online, via SMS, and on school notice boards.

The PSLE also known as Mtihani wa Darasa la Saba is a national examination that assesses the academic achievement of primary school students in Tanzania. The examination is conducted annually, and the results are used to determine secondary school placement.

If you or your child has taken the PSLE in the end of the 2023 primary level academic year, this is the right time to start preparing yourself on how to check how your kid perform by checking his/her results. There are a few things you can currently do to get ready:

  1. Check the NECTA website regularly for updates.
  2. Be sure to have your child’s NECTA index number handy.
  3. Make a plan for what you will do if your child does not get the results they were hoping for.

Matokeo ya Darasa la Saba 2023 Released: Check Your Scores Now!

We understand that this is a time of great expectation and anxiety for students and parents. Regardless of the outcome, be it exceptional or disappointing, there are always alternatives that can lead your child to the better future you envision.

How To Check Matokeo ya Darasa la Saba 2023

  1. Visit the NECTA website: Go to the official NECTA website at
  2. Find the Results menu: On the home page, hover your mouse over the “Results” tab.
  3. Select PSLE (Primary School Leaving Examination): From the drop-down menu that appears, click on the option labeled “PSLE (Primary School Leaving Examination).”
  4. Enter the dedicated Matokeo Ya Darasa la Saba page: This action will redirect you to the specific page dedicated to Matokeo Ya Darasa la Saba.
  5. Select the appropriate year: Identify the year for which you want to check the result and click on the corresponding link.
  6. Select your region and district: Locate the region and district where you took the examination and click on their respective names.
  7. Search for your school: Utilize the provided list of schools or employ the browser’s search function to find your school’s name.
  8. View your school’s results: Once you’ve located your school, simply click on its name to access and view the NECTA Standard Seven results for that institution.

How To Check NECTA Standard Seven Results

You will also be able to access Matokeo ya darasa la saba 2023 directly from the links provided on the table below

Matokeo Ya Darasa La Saba 2023 NECTA PSLE Results


About The 2023 NECTA Primary School Leaving Examination

More than 1.3 million students participated in the 2023 Primary School Leaving Examination in Tanzania.

On September 13 and 14, 2023, a total of 1,397,370 students across Tanzania took the Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE). This marked the culmination of their primary school education and an important step towards their future academic pursuits.

Of all the candidates, there were 654,652 boys, equal to 46.85 percent of the candidates, and 742,718 girls, equal to 53.15%. This gender distribution reflects ongoing efforts to promote equal educational opportunities for boys and girls in Tanzania.

PSLE is an important exam that plays an important role in determining the placement of students in secondary schools. The results of the examination will be eagerly awaited by students, parents and educators as they will shed light on the academic success of the next generation of Tanzanian scholars.

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